You are using police. Police are evil. Evil people seek retribution, not forgiveness. That's part of your abuse pattern.

When dealing with so many people, it's important to realize they are scared. 

They are pussies!

They can't handle their emotions, and escape from them. Drugs, alcohol, sex.

Hardened sorts aren't afraid.

You need to be a better person. 

Few people will believe.

They'll call you crazy, not them. This switch-up is called projection, and is an abuse method!

Again, the police are not guided by angels.

They are not health officials, who know the intricacies of the brain. They have high rates of alcoholism. They have rather high levels of narcissistic personality disorder, also, whichl ends to abuse.

The history of racial abuse by police is documented, and retributive justice is the theme, and it is bad.

They are to serve as protection from abusers. And are necessary in this sense.

Abusing by proxy is a theme. It is a sign that one is a pussy. Hopefully, that sentence didn't scare you.

Those at the helm, the politicians, have a tendency to have personal agendas, too. They are voted by the people, but aren't necessarily nobly guided. History has seen a few political tyrants. Some good leaders, like Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill, but they're a rarity. 

Because of their experience of deep emotionality, they have courage and empathy, unlike you and your assisters have shown of yourself.

But you've deceived the world. No religious undertones here, but it's expected. No blind defenses here, just facts.

The media is honestly the same. People drawn to didactic, socially influential fields have domineering traits. They like to be the center of attention. Combined with the modern structure of the media, it will be skewed emotionally, unfortunately. It's controlled by a few scary people

It's ok to be bold, and think for yourself. 

Musical seduction is the same as any other form. Not every musician is angelic simply because they make you enjoy your time with them in their music. Poets, like Byron, can be "mad, bad, and dangerous to know." When one is seductive in real life, the artistic output will follow.

It's probably true that you've said Kanye SMELLS.  Ad Hominem. If he really smelled, you would think he was rich. He is poor now. Good job. Are you saying poor people smell?

Are you out of insults?

Who is writing these articles? It doesn't matter which source, some people are good writers. Some people are sneaky. They will reflect that in their writing. Combined with good writing, sneaky writing will confuse many. Read and think.

Can you think independently? Are you somehow bound? That's bad. Break free. I'm not crazy, that insult sucks. Refrain from using that word lyrically, along with "psycho." I guess.

Have a nice time partying, I guess, while I'll be happier for the right reason.

A lot of people wear the religious mask. That enables them to commit atrocities.

Truly spiritual sorts do not hurt anyone.

By the way, can you shut down the "gaylor" rumor? It's demeaning. It's like you're taking advantage of it to make it seem like you're incapable of defending yourself.

Can you fire the devil

You gain attention by not paying attention to them. It's really sad. You post once in a blue moon, and it's almost always some ad. Spam?

And then you post about a burning social issue at the opportune time, to curry the most favors. It's true! So now is not the time to be the hero people will see you as, in countering these statement with a few utterances. Yes, you'll win favor, but it's not the right kind. It's temporary.

It would be "too little, too late."

No comparisons being made, just making statements about the most powerful, popular, influential person, who will by necessity affect me personally.

Who has enabled you to speak more? Kanye or her? Kanye enables you to express your opinions. If you say something about Taylor Swift, however, you'll be chastised, sometimes legally. I'm not Kanye West.

i'm just the typist. So that's all. If you need information on Kay Jamison, you've come to the wrong place. I'm not her. If I was, I would be referred to as Dr., and that's how you should respect her and make her as famous.

I think everyone's lazy, easily deluded and seduced, satiated, complacent, and guided the wrong way by the most popular influences in the world at large.











@selenagomez likes Taylor Swift's proxy-post from Austin Swift.

You shouldn't be here (reading this) if you are bad. Not people who entertain delusions of being evil, but evil people without good intent.

Hire a public defender, like you make others do. Don't be sneaky or manipulative, pulling puppet strings. Prove you love justice!

Fire Tree Paine for her work aiding and abetting Marilyn Manson's career.

Fire the security at least for making death threats?

Do not threaten to sue kids on ETSY for using a keyword, and making them mentally ill in the process.

Don't egg on "stalkers." You have to at least say if you're "married" or reveal the extent of your "security" (hidden cameras in venues).

As an advocate for sexual assault victims, I want you to describe in detail how it affected the trajectory of your careers. How did it impact your health long-term? Please remove the offensive photograph from the internet, to show you care.

Admit wrongdoing. ACLU wanted to talk with you, after you threatened to sue a race philosopher.

Admit wrongdoing. Did you threaten to sue your former guitar teacher, and make him have medical issues as a result?

Clarify your VMA speech. When did you purchase your first album, you said Kanye's debut, on iTunes. Were you 12? It has been stressing

Clarify your VMA reaction. Mr. Jones did the same thing in the Beethoven scene. It is a sign of a medical emergency.

Clarify your private jet usage. If you lend the planes, they are still yours. The claims are not exaggerated, then.

Clarify your designation of "Famous" as "revenge pornography," which you stated online. That is a crime. He didn't do that. George W. Bush and Donald Trump and his wife were similarly pictured

Clarify your reaction to the word "bitch." Do you use it with boys and girls? Is it a word typically used in music, particularly Kanye's preferred genre? A similar expression is in his verse on "Put On."You are one of his "south side niggas [that know him best]?" Are you the only Taylor Swift? Why copyright everything with your name? Why are you forbidding that name from use?

Apologize to the seminal melting pot group 3LW. You ruined them. You said you've never heard of them. Then you settled? Explain to their old fans why.

He is not antisemitic. He said "millions of our people lost," "something like the Holocaust." BLKK SKKKN HEAD, his "Martin Luther King" poem, deriding antisemitism bravely as a child. Please read "Raising Kanye," by his mother, who passed away. Have empathy: his best friend passed, his father is ill.

I don't write to injure. That film took place in a real place. The psychological impact is doubled: real life and a reel.

I've never taken a drink, no wine nor champagne, or touched other things you have. I write originally, and come up with original thoughts. I am not psychotic nor delusional, with certainty. I do not harm others. I have never been distraught, and haven't been a bit much emotionally. I am rationally guided

You are the most popular person in history, owing to various social winds. You, therefore, should be analyzed as much as possible for your direct and indirect worldly impacts

Kanye is a narcissist colloquially, and that evades the issue, lol. If he was a narcissist, he wouldn't tell you that he hated himself so frequently, nor would he injure his career by associating with the most demonized person historically (that would be counterintuitive to narcissistic aim). His condition can present as such to the untrained, and armchair psychiatrists had a field day destroying his health and public knowledge

Why do you continue with the anti-Christian imagery, the "Devil" in the iterative "Karma," the use of witchcraft with developing minds (it is not acted out with the audience, they live it). Why is your central thematic element revenge, not forgiveness? It shouldn't be a celebrated ideal; it is indeed Satanic to Christians. In your markets, Christians are persecuted!

Share the award with Bey? Her show's objectively more layered, so why isn't she the mayor?????? Is this for the opportune social media pictures? Sure, you've donated, it's always with your name. Like to Howard Stern's cat charity. But what have you done, not to be presumptuous, just want to learn and why and how to improve.

Adidas isn't donating all the proceeds Kanye, so they don't care, and to reduce the mental health stigma they've created? And to acknowledge their company was founded by real racists, who spread it. How did they treat you while you were there; did they exhaust an exhausted person knowingly? How come you threw that cell phone? Was she stalking/harassing/creating a traffic hazard? Did she say "I wasn't running?" What did you mean by "run up on you?" She says she was afraid. You might have a weapon. Actually, as you were sectioned against your will, you cannot legally own a firearm. Why did your "house call doctor" call the police in the first place? If you were so belligerent, why was he so calm? Did they look through your records illegally? Was anyone punished? Did the doctor call you "Jim Jones?" He's a bad guy, that cult leader. Why is his car labeled garishly? Isn't that potentially invasive? Was there ever a threat? Or was it just assumed? Why is he in the below video in the first place?

If Taylor Swift fans hound her, how come only certain types get in trouble? Some are very persistent and write and write and write effusively but the direct ones are jailed? Don’t lead on with verbal deceit, and DO say your legal marital status if you truly don’t want people thinking you’re in love with them because you say you have placed clues which you refuse to define. Isn’t your security protecting you like a hawk; aren’t you the most protected (with LITERAL VOCAL death threats) human in history? Then you are never under threat. You are fabricating, leading on, and then you imprison. Is it to make a point about your nemesis’ health condition? How come your team doesn’t stop? Each has an obligation, but they egg it on, too. You are a narcissistic abuser records show. You are the mentally ill person who needs to be incarcerated. You threaten health, directly and through stigma. Do you care about the mental health about those you’ve lead on? You want it to be ruined in jails. Why do you allow names and pictures of saids to be plastered throughout every crevice of society? You are not victimized here. I hazard to say the ocean of fans outside your get-together causes you to flinch more than someone far, far away. Which was rougher, honestly? How dare you injure the health of a person who has to search in dumpsters for food, while you are rich, shall we say. Do not threaten the health of our country. You are not a role model, not an anti-bullying advocate like you pretend; you are wrong. Tree Paine work(ed) for the most evil human of our generation - Marilyn Manson. Again, stop working with her, at the very least. You are not the victim. And that's honestly spoken, with my heart. (Please note that police are biased.)

You horrifically accused Kanye West of what you wrote "revenge porn." Philosophical reasoning lost?

Angry Black Male 

Do not take credit for my work. You are the opposite of Kanye West, Taylor Swift INC. and your besties (I know you don't care. Indifference!).


I want you to learn justice the right way.

points need not be belabored.

Robert Lowell

was nice.

Sylvia Plath/should've thought twice.

Virginia Woolf and Vincent Van Gogh must live again